Memory clinic

  • The first complaint from people who will go on to develop dementia (Alzheimer’s or other types of disease) is memory loss.

    However, not all cases of memory loss are the result of brain disorders.
    A certain degree of memory loss is normal as we age.
    Memory can also be affected by medication, especially tranquillizers and sleeping pills, and other diseases and problems for example diabetes, thyroid problems, fatigue, lack of sleep, stress, depression etc.

  • Normally it is difficult for people to tell if their memory problems are the result of the normal ageing process or if they are a sign of a disease.
    The MEMORY CLINIC at Neuroloulé was created to provide quick and accurate diagnosis for those suffering with memory problems.

    The clinic is jointly run by a neuropsychologist along with a G.P. and consultant in neurology and psychiatry.
    The clinic can carry out and organise all the tests and investigations necessary to establish the correct diagnosis e.g.  EEG, scans (CT, MRI) and blood tests.

    The memory and general mental function of each person is studied and a comparison made against normal parameters taking into consideration the age and educational level of each individual.
    These assessments along with other investigations provide the basis for diagnosis and treatment planning.

    Early treatment of memory loss due to disease allows people to maintain their autonomy and enjoy a good quality of life for much longer than if it is left undiagnosed.