General Practice and Family Medicine

  • During your consultation our G.P. will give you  the opportunity to ask questions  about your health, disease prevention or your treatment and symptoms.

    We are your first port of call for any concerns you may have about your health and will put together a plan which includes diagnosis, treatment and referral for specialist investigations and consultations if necessary.We work closely with  a variety of specialists across the Algarve as well as with private hospitals and clinics.

    We see patients with a wide variety of symptoms and problems on a daily basis, for example:

    • acute illnesses such as back pain, arthritis, flu, coughs and colds;
    • treatment and support of chronic illnesses such as  heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, raised cholesterol, insomnia and fatigue;
    • vaccination advice and some vaccinations (please bear in mind that in Portugal many vaccinations can only be arranged via a public health centre or Centro de Saúde);
    • medical examinations and certificates for driving licenses, school, sport etc.
    • health check- ups and preventative medicine;
    • travel medicine consultations, including advice about  preventing and managing health problems whilst abroad;
    • a rapid first aid service for those suffering with headaches, migraines, weakness, depression, anxiety, changes in behaviour or memory loss, run in collaboration with our neurologist and psychiatrist;

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  • General Practice and Family Medicine appointments are available every week day.
    We are part of the MEDIS network for General and Family Medicine (General Practitioner).